Level 1- Beginner Course

Duration : 3 to 6 months
Age : 12+ years

At this level, we begin our training with the absolute basics of drawing and painting. Students will be taught how to get better control of their hand movements, perfecting basic shapes, strokes, shadings, etc.

Level 2- Intermediate Course

Duration : 6 to 12 months
Age : 15+ years

The Level 2 course is designed for students who have completed the Level 1 – Beginner course. In this course, students will be exposed to an in-depth study of the art, delving further into the understanding of colour palettes and mediums. They will be taught newer styles and techniques in exploring the colour mediums.

Professional Course

Duration : 12 months
Age : 15+ years

This course is designed for students who have completed the Level 2 – Intermediate course at Zenarts Academy.
In this course, students would have the option to choose their area of specialization. They also have the option of continuing with our course pattern and continue to learn further techniques and intricacies in the various spheres of drawing and painting.


Bachelor of Fine arts (B.F.A.)

Duration : 3/6/9/12 months
Age : 15+ years

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a 4-year degree course. Students are taught the basics like sketching, figure drawing, anatomy, live drawing, still life, sculpting, watercolours, basic printmaking, communication design, art theory, etc. Thereafter in the 2nd year, students are trained and focused on their selected department/ stream and the rest of the 3 years to master their craft.

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Duration : 3/6/9/12 months
Age : 15+ years

The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program is designed to help creatively inclined people refine their creative skills to produce more meaningful, interesting, and polished art forms.


Duration : 12 months
Age : 18+ years

Zen arts Academy offers the most comprehensive and best NID, NIFT, NATA entrance exam preparation coaching classes.

Diploma Course

Duration : 12 months
Age : 15+ years

A diploma course in fine arts is designed to enhance artistic skills. We offer students the opportunity to experiment with the different disciplines while developing their unique artistic styles and ​established careers in the creative sector the chance to extend, refresh and diversify their artistic skillset.


Basic Colouring

Duration : 6 months
Age : 3+ years

The basic colouring course aims to build a strong foundation of fundamental art skills in budding artists in the +3 years age group. This course allows them to express their individuality through art.

Drawing and colouring

Duration : 6 Months +
Age : 4+ yrs

Drawing and colouring courses focus on building fundamental drawing skills as well as creative self-expression. In this course, students learn the most fundamental drawing skills and explore different drawing tools.

Drawing (Level 3)

Duration : 6 Months +
Age : 5+ yrs

The Drawing (Level 3) Classes are for children aged 5+ years who are beginning their art journey. The principle of this course is to help the young learner in the 5+ years age group push their boundaries as budding artists in the fun-learning journey.

Drawing (Level 4)

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 9 + Yrs

Our Drawing (Level 4) Classes are for intermediate students aged 9+ years. In this course, we concentrate on enhancing their skills in drawing and colouring and teach them basic elements like drawing lines, curves, geometrical shapes, and drawing objects using geometrical shapes.

Advanced Drawing (Level 5)

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 9 + Yrs

The objective of the course at further develop the skills students learned in Level 4. In this course, students explore Still life composition, perspectives, and ideas for creating the illusion of depth.

Advanced Drawing and colouring (Level 6)

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 9 + Yrs

In advance drawing and colouring, Children will learn to understand compositions, proportions, colour schemes, and many fundamental aspects of creating an artwork.

Pencil Shading

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 10 + Yrs

This course is helpful for beginner above the age of 10 years who is keen to learn new strokes in pencil shading. These courses will help you learn the techniques of drawing portraits, objects, landscapes, sketching, animals, and birds to excel at the basics of using a pencil.

Advanced Oil pastel

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 10 + Yrs

The oil pastel course is for those students who want to learn oil pastel painting from the basic level to the advanced level. This master series provides the student with an overview of the medium of oil painting with a comprehensive approach to drawing landscapes with pastels.

Pen and Ink

Duration : 6 Months+
Age : 11 + Yrs

Pen and ink are an art form where you draw using a variety of pens instead of pencils. In this course, you will explore a few pen and ink techniques – enough to produce excellent drawings.


Duration : 8 Months+
Age : 11 + Yrs

The watercolour course is a comprehensive learning experience designed for children aged 11+ years to provide the most comprehensive approach to watercolour painting through easy-to-understand modules.


Duration : 3/6/8 Months+
Age : 12 + Yrs

Portrait course guides you to improve skills and gain mastery in Portrait drawing. This course provides a rich learning experience through easy modules and lays the foundation required for success with portrait drawing.

Acrylic Painting

Duration : 3/6/8 Months+
Age : 11 + Yrs

Acrylic Painting is an extensive painting course designed for beginners’ level up to professional quality acrylic painting through concise modules. This course guides you in painting a challenging landscape filled with enthralling textures and complex shapes with acrylics.

Oil Painting

Duration : 3/6/8 Months+
Age : 14 + Yrs

Oil painting techniques and theories provide the students with an overview of the medium of oil painting. The emphasis is placed on the choice of materials, depiction of light and shadow, painting techniques, basic color mixing, and composition. The course provides students with a foundation for creative expression in oil painting.


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